When it comes to residential design, we value the clarity of well-defined spaces and layouts. And we make comfort a priority – the feeling of openness as well as the relaxed quality of furnishings. Our pared-down aesthetic coupled with a high level of refinement lets clients know that every part of their lifestyle has been quietly realized. And whether it’s an apartment or house, we make a connection between the inside and nature, and still maintain a feeling of being sheltered.

We begin our residential projects by learning our clients’ wish list and hearing what will make their home welcoming, relaxing and contemporary. We want to know everything, from the big picture items to the smallest details, and we want that conversation to continue throughout the life of the project. It’s our level of responsiveness that assures the success of every project.

Today’s educational institutions are calling for a fresh take on how people learn. Yes, the basics are still the same - embodying values and identity, creating a sense of place and support, and ensuring a long lasting facility.

What’s different is how pedagogy happens. That is, the new ways of learning and creating a sense of community, and the constantly evolving forms of technology and communication. All of this change calls for light-filled, flexible spaces that serve evolving needs and bring students, teachers, alumni and administrators together. It means places for solitary research as well as ad hoc spaces where just students or students and teachers can meet. And the connections can be simply visual as well as physical.

So the ingredients for a successful facility are both very much the same and quite new – and we combine them to create inspiring environments.