Multifaith Leadership Training Center

Auburn Seminary is well known for training leaders who promote social justice and wanted a destination space for encouraging collaborative, innovative thinking among its staff and students. While Auburn is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, they requested a nondenominational space free of any specific religious imagery.

Simplicity of both design and materials, this 5,000 sf leadership training center puts emphasis on people and communication.

The space incorporates two sound proof, opaque folding glass walls allowing it to be reconfigured for multiple uses, from large gatherings to intimate seminars as well as an acoustical wood ceiling system for controlling sound levels created by shifting use of the spaces. The Center also has a catering style kitchen equipped to handle small lunches and dinners to large scale parties and events.

Fully equipped with a sophisticated audio / visual system, events, meetings, presentations and workshops can be shared globally, providing Auburn with an expanded ability to reach its diverse group of constituents.