Art Dealer's Aerie

This 5,000 sf, Fifth Avenue apartment, which features major works by modern masters as well as primitive and contemporary pieces, provides a luxurious, loft-like home where art and life easily mix.

Among the space’s great attractions are its seven windows overlooking Central Park at tree-top height, and the layout takes dramatic advantage of them. The quiet wow moments begin with an oval, eight-foot-high entry from the elevator which opens onto a crisp, nine-foot-high, square foyer. The dining room is to one side of the foyer and the living area, bathed in light from five of the windows, is directly in front.

Simplicity, clarity and highly refined details are the keys to the residence’s success. A palette of off-whites, beige and grays is used in all of the rooms, from the wall color to the furnishings, making art the focus. The main contrast is the wood floor, stained a dark brown throughout the residence. Details such as the concealed air vents, flush and pocket doors and a custom wall unit for displaying small art pieces contribute to the calming environment.

The dining area plays the circle against the rectangle, with a round ceiling cove covered in silver leaf above a deco-era circular dining table and chairs in dark mahogany. The expansive living area consists of a gracious seating area at one end and custom desk and TV viewing space at the other. Muted oriental rugs in the foyer, dining and living area add a sense of activity.

The master bedroom, which is directly off of the living area, gives the couple a much-wished-for view of the park from their bed. Like many of the furnishings in the apartment, the bed and side tables are custom designed. In addition to these major rooms, the apartment includes a generously sized kitchen and pantry, two guest bedrooms and baths, an exercise room and related amenities. The sense of spaciousness and calm is present throughout.