The Four Steps to realize your new facility and Case Studies that illustrate why they’re so necessary

You have an exciting vision for your educational institution or nonprofit organization.

But it means renovating or expanding your space - or creating an entirely new facility.

How do you make that change happen and create environments that express your new mission and goals.

As your facility partner, we’ll guide you through the process, taking you from where you are today to the facility that embodies where you want to go.

Step 1 - Tell us your vision

First, tell us all about your vision, as well as the background of your organization: its values, history and culture, and brand.

How do you want your facility to function, who will be using it, the kinds of spaces you need and how should those spaces come together.

What do you want the visitor’s first impression to be. What kind of energy and look do you want the spaces to have. Should they be animated, contemporary or traditional.

Finally, what are your bench marks for your facility’s success.

Step 2 - We look at where you are now

Once we know your vision, we can take a close look at your current quarters and hear from you how well they work - or don’t.

We’ll list all of the spaces you have - from offices and meeting rooms to corridors and classrooms - and group them accordingly.

After each space gets measured, we add them up to give the total area of each function - such as administration, teaching, training or research. You then review our findings and advise what spaces need to be larger or smaller - or can be eliminated all together. And what new functions do you want and how much space they’ll need.

Step 3 - What makes up your new facility

Next, we look at what will make your new facility work and thrive.

We’ll work with you to determine what functions you will need - both new and old - and the spaces they will require.

Next, we’ll compare the size of what you need with your current facility so you can see the changes in actual square feet.

Once we know the total square feet you’ll need, and what has to happen in that space, we’ll advise you of what the cost could be to design and construct your new home.

Step 4 - Finding the right location

Now that you know what you want and need, we’ll advise you as you look for potential spaces - or a site for a new facility. Your space and functional requirements are the guide in determining which buildings will support your goals.

For each location, we’ll create a layout to see how your needs fit.

We also look at the building itself to make sure the building systems, such as power and ventilation, meet your requirements. If you are considering a site, we’ll look at zoning and other regulations which could affect what you build.

Once you select a location, we’ll advise you during lease negotiations to assure your needs are met.

That done, the design of your new quarters can move full speed ahead.