You're clear about your basic vision, whether it calls for a renovation, addition or new building. What you're less clear about is how to get there, and that's where we can assist.

As your project partner, we'll help you make the right choices and take effective action through the entire process. The result will be spaces that express who you are and where your school or organization is going.

Step 1. Getting Started

We start by listening. We want to get to know your organization and its needs. We'll then outline how to get from your first vision to a successful space, with steps tailored to fit your culture.

  • • We will help you flesh out your vision and what you want to accomplish
  • • Assist in getting input and buy-in from your community, influencers and de-cision makers
  • • Determine goals, the major steps in the process and what success means at each point and at the end

Step 2. Determining What You Need

Next, we make your vision specific through a feasibility study.

  • • First, we'll analyze the functions and spaces you'll need, the square feet re-quired and how the spaces will best work together. The study will consider the quality of the spaces as well as your desired physical location and project ahead for growth and change. This review considers all of the possibilities.
  • • Then comes seeing it as real space. After itemizing the number of different spaces you need and totaling the square feet, we'll create a program and possible layouts. They in turn will suggest the size and shape of building you should be in and the building systems you'll need to support it.
  • • Finally, we'll test these requirements on potential sites. Working with our consultants we'll test how well the layout fits the floor plate, review the quality of building systems, do zoning, building code and cost analysis, and check all of the other variables that will affect the space's ultimate success

Step 3. The Funding to Support Your Vision

We'll advise you on all of the potential avenues for funding and how to take advantage of them. That means:

  • • Setting costs to build and operate the space
  • • Naming all of the potential funding raising sources including government agencies, foundations and friends
  • • Determining winning tactics for approaching them
  • • Creating fundraising brochures and on-line materials to inspire donors

Step 4. Making Your Vision Real in Bricks and Mortar

As your architect, we'll translate your feasibility study and program into inspiring spaces. That includes:

  • • Gathering a collaborative team of skilled engineers and other consultants to fulfill the design brief
  • • Creating architecture that realizes all of your goals
  • • Regularly monitoring costs and timeliness of performance
  • • Overseeing construction to assure quality of production
  • • Providing reports that show where your dollars are going

Step. 5 Post Opening Follow Up

We stay on board to make sure that the completed facility is performing the way it should. That means working with your in-house staff so that:

  • • All systems are performing at optimum level
  • • The right programs and products are in place to assure ongoing, cost-effective durability and efficiency


Since we are a boutique firm, our services are always personal, laser focused, and comprehensive. Our advice will be candid and you will have our continuous, expert attention throughout the process. And we will take your welfare personally.