Modern Villa

When it came to creating their new home, this retired but very active couple asked HEAPC to transform an uninspired neo-Regency style house and garage as a modern villa. Situated on a half-acre in Palm Beach, Florida, the classically-inspired complex now consists of a square entry court and one-story residence, with a swimming pool, surrounding garden and pool house behind it.

Imagined as an urban court and garden, the 7,500 sf house and grounds follow a sym-metrical plan based on the 18th century French “hotel” or private home and the Roman villa. And while the precedents are historic, the feeling is modern. Stripped of its ornament, the Danish yellow front façade feels relatively sober. But inside the focus of the home and pool house is towards the formal garden and pool between them. This means the back of the house has floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the porch, which extends across the back of the residence, as well as the pool, garden and pool house beyond.

The owners are active collectors of art and crafts, so the off-white interiors act as a neutral background for the distinguished collection of paintings, sculpture, pottery and specially made furnishings. Corner openings in the walls between rooms create visual connections and a relaxed sense of flow. That is continued with the use of French limestone throughout the interior and cast stone on porch.