Elementary School Addition

The Metropolitan Montessori School, which offers classes from preschool to sixth grade, leased a four-story former carriage house on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. After a few years, the school recognized that it needed additional room to fully serve its students.

Fortunately for the school, an empty adjoining lot was owned by the same person they were leasing their building from. The owner graciously allowed the school to lease the lot and build on it. The five-story, 20,000 sf addition introduces a large classroom on each floor, giving the school more than adequate additional space. And a 12-month, fast-track design and construction process meant it could open the following school year.

The carriage house is in a respectable neoclassical style, with the addition’s crisp modern facade adding a bold contrast. Each floor repeats the graphic grid of large windows with colored panels suggesting the school’s vitality.